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Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the Train the Trainer Course for Schools. Please read this introduction letter first.

22 min.

Train the Trainer Main Video

Watch this video to learn the primary information you will be teaching to the employees of your organization. 

If you don’t see a video here, your browser or internet provider has blocked YouTube from displaying. Please try a different browser or else try when you are at home, as your work may be blocking it. For any issues, please contact us at support(at)

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1 min. 30 sec.

How To Use Reflex Protect®

This video shows how to use the 5-ounce Reflex Protect® that most institutions will use.

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4 min. 30 sec.

How To Use Reflex Protect® 1.9 oz Pocket Presidia Gel

If employees at your organization will be carrying, or have access to, the 1.9-ounce Presidia Gel units, you will need to teach them how to use this size. If they will have access to both, teach both, and have them train with inert units of both.

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30 min. 30 sec.

Watch a Live Class Being Taught

This video shows an actual Reflex Protect User Training being taught by a Reflex Protect Instructor. You can model your class after this, or in some cases, you may wish to show this video to your class before taking them outside to do the actual spraying with the Inert Training Units.

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How to Conduct a Successful Training

These guidelines will help you run a successful training for your organization. 

trainer resources

Live Spray Videos

These are live demonstrations of Reflex Protect and Reflex Remove at Healthcare Facilities. Show these videos to your group to allow them to see the product in action, and hear what being sprayed was like, and how Reflex Remove, aka NCS Fast, worked to relieve the effects of the gel.

If you rather show the videos to your group from YouTube, here are the YouTube links to the videos below:

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trainer resources

Presentation Slides

Here are the presentation slides to be used with your training lecture.


These questions frequently come up during trainings. If a question is asked that you don’t know the answer to, and isn’t answered here, please contact a Reflex Protect representative so we can answer it for you.

Sample Policies

This document, provided as a PDF and in Word, provides language you can cut, paste, and modify as needed for your existing policy, or to create a policy if you don’t already have one.

This document is a sample Montana School Policy referencing Montana State Law.

Class Roster

Use this form to keep a dated roster of who has been trained. Rosters, along with a copy of your student’s user certificate, should be kept in your records to satisfy policy requirements.

trainer resources

Student Completion Video

Once you have trained your people, you can have them sign in and watch a 20-minute video that reemphasizes the main points that they have learned in the live training and receive their User Certificate. This is the video they will see on that page:

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Next Steps

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  2. Then come back here, and click the button below to complete this course and receive your certificate! 
  3. You can then go ahead and follow the document to create your group and enroll your trainees.

If you’ve already finished your course, go to My Certificates to view your certificate.