Reflex Protect® User Training Course

About the Course

Reflex Protect® training provides instruction on what Reflex Protect® is, when and when not to use it, and how to use it. The training includes spraying inert training units to ensure each participant is comfortable with how to use Reflex Protect® to defend themselves or others. Each participant will be a certified Reflex Protect® user to comply with policies requiring certification.

What You'll Learn

Basic course time 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the size of the group. Please discuss with a Reflex Protect® trainer to customize training to your needs.


Alain Burrese Active Shooter training

Gain Confidence

After your course, you:


What’s Included

employee training white

Employee Training

Train your employees in the current best practices in active defense training

2 year certificate white

2 Year Certificate

All employees that attend can get their Reflex Protect® certification online (Certificate valid for 2 years)

policy template white

Policy Template Bonus

Policy Template included to include Reflex Protect® into your existing policies


*Reflex Protect Practice Units

Institutions are expected to purchase adequate Practice Training Units for training. These will be used during the “How to use Reflex Protect®” portion of the training.

Usually groups need one Practice Training Unit for every 3-5 participants. Please discuss with a Reflex Protect® Trainer or Representative if you have questions about what you will need using the form below or emailing

inert reflex protect practice unit
become reflex protect trainer


One Free Trainer Certification

The live Reflex Protect® User Training comes with one Trainer Certification. The Reflex Protect® Trainer works with your organization’s designated trainer to ensure once provided with the online resources, your trainer is comfortable that he or she can train others in the use of Reflex Protect®. Your trainer receives a 2-year Reflex Protect® User Trainer certification to train members of your organization.

If your organization needs more than one trainer, additional trainer certifications can be purchased, and the Reflex Protect® Trainer will work with all designated trainers. Please discuss with a Reflex Protect® representative to ensure your organization gets exactly what you need.

your investment


Reflex Protect® Training Program


Plus Travel Expenses from Missoula, MT:

  • Round Trip Airfare or Mileage from
    Missoula, MT
  • Ground transportation/Parking
  • Hotel expenses
  • Meals (State Per Diem Rates)
  • Incidentals required for training

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