Effective Communication for Conflict

Dealing with Angry People in the Workplace

About the Course

Dealing with conflict can range from uncomfortable to downright terrifying.

Unfortunately, not dealing with it often allows a problem to escalate with detrimental results.

Learning how to effectively resolve conflict is a beneficial skill in any workplace, but it’s critical for those who encounter upset, angry, or volatile individuals on the job. Reflex Protect teaches the skills to remain in control when responding to conflict and produce more favorable outcomes to keep everyone safe.

Training Topics

This half-day workshop focuses on effective communication skills related to conflict. Effective communicators are armed with the skills – and accompanying courage – to manage conflict, miscommunications, and misunderstandings with difficult people at the initial stages of trouble. Preventing, reducing, or resolving conflict early on keeps people safe and fosters a more positive and productive workplace.

Program Format & Content

Skills such as tongue fu and verbal judo, along with “listening to understand” and “communicating to be understood”, are taught and practiced.

This allows participants to not only face conflict, but to resolve it efficiently and effectively. Knowing and using these life skills – in the workplace, at home, in the community – makes everything more productive as well as safe. Ways to diminish tension will be emphasized to provide participants with skills to alleviate potentially violent situations.

Through lecture, role plays, exercises, and Q&A, your participants learn:

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Effective Communication for Conflict Course


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Follow-Up Opportunities

Organizations often find it helpful to schedule a shorter follow-up session to address questions or real-world challenges that have come up on the job, or to further hone communication and conflict resolution skills.

For the ultimate level of protection, we can train
front-line personnel with hospital-safe Reflex Protect© self-defense products. This gives an employee a non-lethal level of protection for those instances when communication just isn’t enough and an individual becomes violent. We have trained school teachers to bus drivers and hospital staff in how to easily use Reflex Protect© products for the highest level of peace of mind.

Lead Trainer

Alain Burrese is the Director of Active Defense Training at Reflex Protect.

He has combined his experience as an attorney with a focus on dispute resolution, mediation, and negotiation with his passion for martial arts (a fifth-degree black belt) and personal safety training.

He is responsible for designing and conducting the live and online training programs for Reflex Protect self-defense products, active threat response, workplace violence, dealing with conflict, and personal security and safety.

Alain is the author of the highly acclaimed Survive a Shooting: Strategies to Survive Active Shooters and Terrorist Attacks.

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