Earning Certificates

Completing your course and earning your certificate not only provides you with proof of completion, but allows your institution to meet policy requirements by ensuring employees have completed their training and are certified in the use of Reflex Protect® before being provided access to Reflex Protect® Presidia Gel™  defensive spray.

How to Earn a Certificate

Certificates are generated automatically for you, once you complete your Reflex Protect® Training Course.

After you finish your video or all lessons, you are automatically redirected to the Finish page. Here, you are able to receive your certificate.

Viewing Your Certificates

Once you’ve earned your certificate, there are several options for you from which to view and download it.

#1: Course Overview Page
If you navigate to My Courses > Click your course start button, you find your Course Overview page. Here, you see a notification bar with the option to view your PDF certificate. It opens in a new window, from which you can save to your computer.

#2: My Certificates Page
There is also a dedicated page where you can view and save your certificates at any point called My Certificates. Here, you get a list of courses you’ve earned certificates for and you just click the link to open in a new window.

Note: This page won’t display any links if you haven’t completed your course earning you a certificate.
certificate page

#3: Email
When you do finish your training course, you are also emailed your certificate as an attachment. This email goes to whichever email address is linked to your account on our website.

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