Certified Instructors for Healthcare

About the Course

This training is focused on training you, a trained security professional, to train others in the efficient and effective use of Reflex Protect® products.

It’s designed so that the trainer will be able to prepare the trainee to respond appropriately to threats of workplace violence or a potential armed aggressor, even in stressful situations.

The video includes demonstrations of Reflex Protect® Inert Practice Units and how best to use them to establish comfort and ease of use; demonstrations of Reflex Protect® Presidia Gel® Live Spray and how best to incapacitate an aggressor; and demonstrations involving the clean-up procedure of both a subject affected by a chemical irritant spray (whether Reflex Protect® or otherwise) and the surrounding area using our proprietary decontaminate, Reflex Remove™. Those who have completed the Reflex Protect® Training Course for Trainers will be awarded a certification lasting two years.

Designees must meet parameters set by Reflex Protect® in order to qualify. Instructors are certified to teach employees of their institution.

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